My son and I are major smoothie lovers, so we needed a blender that would be able to do the job well. I decided to make an informed purchased, so I looked up reviews online. Did you know that you can spend $600 on a blender?!?!?! I was appalled. Who spends that much on a blender? Seriously, who?

I mean, even if I won the lottery (which I won’t because I don’t play, but that is hardly the point here, is it?), I would never, ever spend that much on a blender. I digress. So, the top rated blender was, as I said, $600. Ok, that was definitely not an option. Number 2 was $200. Still not going to happen. Number 3 was $45. Now that I can work with.

The Ninja Master Prep was listed for around $45, with a score of 93. It was rated high for it’s ability to chop ice and other stuff that I don’t really remember. I just wanted to make sure that the blender I decided to purchase could make mincemeat of frozen fruit. Ok, not literally. What is mincemeat, anyway? Other things I liked about the Ninja Master Prep is that it has multiple blades and it even comes with a small mini cup that can be used for food processing.

The only complaint I could find about the Ninja Master Prep is that the blades are extremely sharp and one of the reviewers cut themselves. Um…anyway…I was feeling good about this blender. So, I waited for a discount coupon and went to make my purchase.

I decided the first thing I would do was throw some frozen fruit in there. I love to use fresh fruit, too, but sometimes I use frozen and I wanted to test my new purchase.

So, I threw in some very large, very frozen strawberries, a banana and some frozen blueberries. Three pulses later:

Here’s an ariel view:


Ok, I think maybe I pulverized the strawberries first. Well, you get the picture. So, after I pulverized the fruit, I added some vanilla yogurt and a drizzle of honey.


The motor sits on top of the pitcher or bowl in this blender/processer, so once you have your ingredients in, you put the lid on and then the motor and pulse.


When it’s at the desired consistency, you just pour…


and enjoy!


Tip: If you purchase this fabulous blender, you will want to hold the lid on when you pour. I lost a good portion of my smoothie in the sink because the lid popped off. I may not have placed the lid on all the way.

This smoothie was so thick and delicious. I’m thrilled about my new purchase. I can’t wait to test out the food processor cup. I’m thinking onions. Seriously. Who likes to chop onions?

~There’s No Place Like Home

**While I’d love to get free merchandise for reviewing products like larger blogs (and hopefully one day I will), I was not compensated for my review. This is my real experience and opinion. I was not given a free blender. I purchased it myself. And I love it. Well worth the money. However, if you work for the company, tell them about my review. I could deal with having some of their other products.


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