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Moving sale

Today I had a moving sale and will attempt to get out there again tomorrow. I absolutely must get rid of a ton of stuff. We are moving out of state and downsizing since we have only 1 of 4 children left at home. I really didn’t want to do it in this heat, it … Continue reading

Perfect penguin party

Well, today was my dear son’s birthday party. He wanted a penguin theme, so I did what I could with a short time frame and a very small budget. We didn’t go all out, but I still think it was a great party. The little guy had a blast and in fact, knocked out quick … Continue reading

If you build it, they won’t play in it…

My little guy was bored the other day, so I put aside everything I needed to get done and decided to fill his bucket. (It’s something they learned at school. Filling someone’s bucket is doing something to make them happy and dipping in their bucket means that you are doing something that makes them unhappy. … Continue reading

A birdhouse/birdfeeder

I’ve been working on a project around here and after several interruptions, I’m finally done and thought I’d share it with you. I saw this idea on Pinterest (how did we live before Pinterest?), and traced it back to a blog called Crap I’ve Made. It’s really cute but I must give credit where credit … Continue reading