Which comes first…

Ok, I’m not referring to a chicken and an egg here. I’m referring to some mundane household chores–vacuuming and dusting. Yep. That’s the topic of this blog post. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve struggled with these chores for quite some time. What’s so complicated about vacuuming and dusting? Thanks for asking! Here’s the dilemma as I see it…

If you vacuum first, the vacuum stirs up dust, which then settles back onto your furniture. So, it makes sense then to vacuum first. Right? Sure. Ok, post over. Goodnight.

BUT, the post is not over because, you see, it’s just not that simple. At least, not to me. Why? Because, when you dust (after having just vacuumed), the process of dusting can stir up dust bunnies. Especially if you have hard wood floors. So then, your furniture is nice and dust free but you have now set free dust bunnies all over your floor. Which you just vacuumed. Now, do you see my dilemma?


Ok, in all seriousness, this is not a dilemma that causes me to lose sleep, but I would say that it’s a conundrum. My solution? Well, honestly, I don’t have one. I have simply decided to dust and vacuum on separate days. 

So, please, enlighten me friends. What say you? What comes first? Tell me in the comments section which you do first. I can’t wait to hear your responses. 

~There’s No Place Like Home





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