Posted in May 2012

Spinach in a smoothie???

You heard it right. I have seen tons of recipes on Pinterest for smoothies with spinach in them. Now, some of you may be grossed out by the idea of putting something green in a fruit smoothie. I’m with you. In fact, if the smoothie had come out green in color, I might have had … Continue reading

Keeping our children’s hearts

I wanted to share something I heard at the homeschool conference I attended last week. It really has stuck with me. The speaker was Kathie Morrisey at The Courtship Connection. Now, I can’t quote what she said verbatim, but what she said impacted me and I believe it will make me a more intentional parent. … Continue reading

Character building

Have you ever had a DUH moment? You know, when something so incredibly obvious is introduced to you and you realize that you should have known it all along. Well, I had a moment like that at the Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Educators Conference. I was attending a class on teaching your children character and the … Continue reading

I’m back

I’m back but I’m tired. My mind is swimming with so much new information that I gleaned from the Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Conference. I hope to share some of what I learned in the next few days. But for now, I’m going to relax and  spend some time with my hubby after being gone … Continue reading

Christian Home Educators Conference

Well, tomorrow I am heading to the Wisconsin Christian Home Educator’s Conference. I’m hoping to get some tips about how this whole homeschool thing works. It’s all overwhelming to me. I’m excited though. So, hopefully, when I return I will be a much wiser homeschool parent. Talk to you soon! Yep! He’s my motivation. Isn’t … Continue reading

Sometimes there just aren’t words…

  Sometimes, there are just no words to adequately express what someone means to you. Today I lost my grandfather. He was a wonderful, kind, handsome man. He lived 92 long years and had a great life. Rest in peace grandpa.  

Well, I ran out of fabric softener. So…

I decided to make my own. I had seen recipes for homemade everything on Pinterest, so I figured it was time to try it out. I have to tell you–I don’t have exact figures on the cost of this, however, I’m estimating it cost me around $1 per bottle. I got two bottles (I had … Continue reading

Twelve more days of school!

Well, my little guy was home all last week with me because he woke up Monday morning with a fever. I took him to the doctor and they told me he had strep. The doctor didn’t even do a culture because his throat was swollen and had spots all over. He said, “That’s strep. Nothing … Continue reading

The Title of My Blog

When I decided that I wanted to blog, I struggled to find a name for my blog that I liked, that fit what I would be sharing and, well, that wasn’t already taken. I finally settled on There’s No Place Like Home because my home is so much a reflection of who I am and … Continue reading

Here we go!

This is just a test. Not of the emergency broadcasting system. And there will be no loud annoying beep. I’m just playing with my blog and didn’t want the stock post that WordPress puts up. Posts will be coming soon! Thanks for stopping by.