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This is the way we clean…

One thing I think is lacking with some young adults is the ability to survive on their own. It’s interesting that many animals set their young out on their own very soon after birth but humans don’t mature nearly as quickly. Young adults frequently enter adulthood without the ability to do their own laundry, balance … Continue reading

Moving sale

Today I had a moving sale and will attempt to get out there again tomorrow. I absolutely must get rid of a ton of stuff. We are moving out of state and downsizing since we have only 1 of 4 children left at home. I really didn’t want to do it in this heat, it … Continue reading

Perfect penguin party

Well, today was my dear son’s birthday party. He wanted a penguin theme, so I did what I could with a short time frame and a very small budget. We didn’t go all out, but I still think it was a great party. The little guy had a blast and in fact, knocked out quick … Continue reading

Penguins and packing

Life has become a bit overwhelming in the last few weeks. We are in the midst of a serious life change. We are going to be moving. I hate packing. We live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, full basement (with 2 rooms) house. I have way too much stuff. So, since I know we … Continue reading