Is your vision impaired?

Recently, I had a freak accident with a car door and the car door won. I was getting into a car and I opened the door and then bent down to pick something up. Just as I started to bend down, the door swung back and I jabbed the glass of the door deep into … Continue reading

This is the way we clean…

One thing I think is lacking with some young adults is the ability to survive on their own. It’s interesting that many animals set their young out on their own very soon after birth but humans don’t mature nearly as quickly. Young adults frequently enter adulthood without the ability to do their own laundry, balance … Continue reading


I started a new Facebook page for my decadent desserts. You can find me at the link below. Someday, I would love to open a dessert shop, but until then, I am using this Facebook page to get make my presence known. If you are local (NW Indiana/NE Illinois), you can order my desserts. If … Continue reading


As some of you may already know, I love cupcakes. I love to bake cupcakes. I bake other things, too. But mostly cupcakes. Cupcakes are happy. I’m not a cake decorator, so they allow me to make a yummy treat, slap a blob of frosting on and I’m done. Usually, I bake much more in … Continue reading


My son and I are major smoothie lovers, so we needed a blender that would be able to do the job well. I decided to make an informed purchased, so I looked up reviews online. Did you know that you can spend $600 on a blender?!?!?! I was appalled. Who spends that much on a … Continue reading

Which comes first…

Ok, I’m not referring to a chicken and an egg here. I’m referring to some mundane household chores–vacuuming and dusting. Yep. That’s the topic of this blog post. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve struggled with these chores for quite some time. What’s so complicated about vacuuming and dusting? Thanks for asking! Here’s the … Continue reading

Moved again, Enchiladas and Homeschool

It’s been awhile since my last post because I have been SO busy. We moved to Indiana and got settled at a friend’s house for what we thought would be awhile. We were there about 6 weeks-just long enough to get unpacked and settled in.  Then we were presented with a great place, at a … Continue reading