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I started a new Facebook page for my decadent desserts. You can find me at the link below. Someday, I would love to open a dessert shop, but until then, I am using this Facebook page to get make my presence known. If you are local (NW Indiana/NE Illinois), you can order my desserts. If … Continue reading


As some of you may already know, I love cupcakes. I love to bake cupcakes. I bake other things, too. But mostly cupcakes. Cupcakes are happy. I’m not a cake decorator, so they allow me to make a yummy treat, slap a blob of frosting on and I’m done. Usually, I bake much more in … Continue reading

Heath bar dip (a.k.a. Big Booty Dip)

I recently made this dip for a party I attended. It was a hit! It’s so delicious and so easy. I love to bake but this past week, it was over 100 degrees My friend requested that I bake some cupcakes. That was a definite no. Not going to happen. I’m a fair weather … Continue reading

Perfect penguin party

Well, today was my dear son’s birthday party. He wanted a penguin theme, so I did what I could with a short time frame and a very small budget. We didn’t go all out, but I still think it was a great party. The little guy had a blast and in fact, knocked out quick … Continue reading

Heavenly peanut butter cake pops

I love chocolate and peanut butter. Ok, I like chocolate and almost anything. But these just may be my favorite cake pop recipe. It’s so easy, too. I can’t believe I’m going to share this recipe with you. I usually have no hesitation in sharing recipes, but I have a dream! A dream of opening … Continue reading

Peanut butter cake pops

These cake pops are amazing. I turned a simple but divine peanut butter cake recipe into cake pops and then dipped them in thick chocolate. Fortunately, my hubby took all but a dozen to work so I didn’t have to eat them all. Here are the pics. I’ll share the recipe soon!