Moved again, Enchiladas and Homeschool

It’s been awhile since my last post because I have been SO busy. We moved to Indiana and got settled at a friend’s house for what we thought would be awhile. We were there about 6 weeks-just long enough to get unpacked and settled in. 

Then we were presented with a great place, at a great price, in a great area. We couldn’t turn it down! So, for the last month we have been busy repacking and moving again. And unpacking and getting settled again. I am about 75% done. 

I just have to give thanks to God for his provision through this whole adventure. We stepped out in faith and he just keeps on blessing us! We even discovered that we live a block away from one of our homeschool co-op families, so not only does Micah have a friend nearby, but so do I! It’s been a blessing.

The moving has been stressful and the packing is definitely not fun. I still can’t find a few things, but little by little, things are falling into place. I went a week unable to find my dishes, so I didn’t cook much. Bummer. But since I’ve found my kitchen stuff, I decided to make one of my hubby’s favorite meals–Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican rice.Image

They were delish! 

In the midst of two moves in a matter of 6 weeks, I have had a crazy schedule with homeschooling. We had a few weeks of very minimal schooling. But, that’s the beauty of homeschooling. I can take breaks when necessary, and moving makes it very necessary. I’m just thankful to be settled into a place of our own and now we’re getting back in the swing of things. 



This is what our homeschool curriculum looks like. We’re having a lot of fun learning about the states and American history through our co-op. We studied an Indian tribe this week. He is also learning about energy at co-op. For reading, we are studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This has been fun for both of us. We are reading the book. We watched Willie Wonka, the Gene Wilder version. That was a bit weird. We have done M & M math, did an acrostic poem with the word CHOCOLATE, and Micah created his own candy bar. We just have to go buy the supplies to actually make it. I was just going to have him create it on paper, but where’s the fun in that? Maybe we’ll post the finished product on his blog. For English, we have been working on the writing process. That has gone better than expected. We did a word web, a first draft and then a final draft. The final draft is posted on Micah’s blog. 

That’s the update friends! 

~There’s No Place Like Home!



One thought on “Moved again, Enchiladas and Homeschool

  1. I just finally figured out that this was your blog…ha ha! Anyway, it is fun to read your thoughts. I am very thankful for the “new neighbor” a block away from us and my son is thankful for his friend living so close. Just thought I would throw that out there!
    And…I make enchiladas but mine don’t look so pretty…I better have the recipe!

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