Moving sale, lemonade stand and a bee!

So, today we were back at the moving sale. We’ve sold quite a bit, however, we have so much stuff left. I decided today would be the last day I’m going to do it. But then, I did quite well today. So, maybe one more day.

I fixed up some lemonade for my little guy so he could have the lemonade stand he’s been begging for all summer. At first, it didn’t go well. As you can see in the picture, he got quite discouraged. The customers just would not buy any lemonade. I can’t understand it. How can anyone resist a cute little orange headed boy with freckles and a big smile? Things perked up later, though, and he managed to make around $5. He’s happy and is anxiously waiting for me to take him to the Piggly Wiggly for some alien blaster toy he’s dying to purchase.

When we began to clean up, we found this little guy in a bin. He just sat there. He wasn’t moving. We thought perhaps he was napping. So, I got a nice close up picture. I’m not up on my bee education, so I’m not sure what kind of bee this is. I was thinking a honey bee. Does anybody know? If so, please educate us by leaving a comment. Notice his back legs. He’s cool!

FYI–that smear is just a rust satin. This bin had tools and cleaning supplies in it from the garage.

Well, it was looking like it was going to rain here, but we didn’t get one drop. The grass is dead. The crops here are in distress. Farmers are getting worried. We need rain. It seems like there’s a drought over much of the nation. What about you? Have you had any rain? I know here in SE Wisconsin, we will be celebrating when we do finally get some rain. I hope it’s soon.

~There’s No Place Like Home


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