Homeschool planning

Well, we are a couple of weeks into our brand new adventures in homeschool. It’s gone fairly well so far. We’ve started very slowly and then added as he showed interest. We started with Bible and character training. I’m using Character Building For Families Volume 1, by Lee Ann Rubsam. (For more information on this resource, see my post here:

This is a very simple, straightforward study on various character traits with scripture to back it up. My son has been very responsive to this. I’ve been noticing a lot of progress so far. In addition to Bible/character training, we have decided to work on handwriting and a study of the universe, with a little math review thrown in for good measure. We keep it light. It’s summer after all.

To keep the workload a little lighter, I’ve combined handwriting and memory work. So, he writes his memory verses for his handwriting practice. He knows his letters and numbers well. He wants to move on to cursive handwriting; however, I told him that he must first work on his pencil grip and letter formation. That seems to be going well.

I use apps on my iPad, like BrainPop and Splash Math to get in a little extra “fun”. And of course, we watch documentaries on Netflix. (He’s currently watching How the Earth Was Made)

Oh, and how can I forget–his blog!!! This is my sneaky way to get him to write a little bit without it being a major battle. If you’d like to check out his blog, go to www dot searchingforclues dot wordpress dot com.

In the fall, I plan to begin using Saxon Math, and begin cursive handwriting using Handwriting without Tears. We will do unit studies for science and social studies, since he is really interested in these subjects. I will follow his lead. He’s very interested in countries and wars.

I’m not sure how moms get all of this done. I want to add some photography lessons, and Spanish. And sign language. And I plan to do some teaching on finances, and teach him life skills such as cooking/baking, cleaning, laundry, how to address an envelope, etc. How will I fit it all in?

I’m pretty sure we could “do school” all day and never run out of things to  learn. I’m trying to take it one day at a time. So far, I’m loving it. Who better to invest my time, energy and education into than my own little Einstein?!

~There’s No Place Like Home!


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