Perfect penguin party

Well, today was my dear son’s birthday party. He wanted a penguin theme, so I did what I could with a short time frame and a very small budget. We didn’t go all out, but I still think it was a great party. The little guy had a blast and in fact, knocked out quick tonight. Bonus for mom!

When my son told me he wanted a penguin theme, he asked me to make penguin masks. As I said in my last post, we’ve got a lot on our plate–moving, garage sale, memorial service coming up. So, I needed something that would be easy. I found these great masks through a google search, but I don’t have a sewing machine and there was no way I was hand sewing a dozen penguin masks. So, I improvised. I hot glued them. They turned out great and all the kids loved them!

Sorry about the lighting. Don’t they all look so cute!

I also made blue koolaid and blue jello jiggles. We had a bounce house and snow cones. The kids were all sugared up!

My pictures today were just not good. I had too much going on. Sorry. I also made penguin cake pops. They were a lot of work and I had a little trouble with them…

I have to admit, something about that picture just tickles me. I seriously sat there and looked at the dead penguin until I finished all of them. He’s so cute. And this guy…LOL!

My husband was great about it, though. He stepped up to the plate and ate the dead bird. Whatta guy!

Fortunately, I had enough that survived. The only problem we had was rain. It was forecast for 3 p.m. with a 30% chance of rain but at around 11:55a.m., minutes before the party started, it started raining, like a sudden monsoon. So, we didn’t think we’d get to enjoy the bounce house, but the rain eventually stopped and other than a few muddy shoe prints on my floors, it didn’t dampen the day at all.

And my little guy was a happy camper…or…penguin!

Oh, I have to share a link to the penguin masks because they were not my creative genius at all. I got the idea from MaryLea at pink and green mama. See the link below:

That’s all for now! And as always,

~There’s No Place Like Home!






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