Penguins and packing

Life has become a bit overwhelming in the last few weeks. We are in the midst of a serious life change. We are going to be moving. I hate packing. We live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, full basement (with 2 rooms) house. I have way too much stuff. So, since I know we will be moving soon, though I don’t know for sure when, I’ve been cleaning out every nook and cranny and preparing for a garage sale.

We will be downsizing since 3 of our 4 kids are grown now and doing their own thing. So, we do not need a big house. This experience has given me the idea that we should frequently go through our homes and clean like we’re moving. That’s right. Even if you have no plans of moving EVER, try going through each room in your house and evaluate what things you just don’t need or want anymore. If you don’t LOVE it, and don’t want to pack it, then get rid of it.

I’ve also noticed that I have too many multiples of things. I recently went through my bowls and lids and got rid of a ton. Now, I think I have too few. But, think about how much we really NEED. I have a whole drawer full of pajamas. Now, please note, I do not have any really fancy ones. In fact, most are hand me downs. But, do I need more pairs of pajamas than I can wear in a week? Time to trim it down.

I also have about 40 pairs of socks, yet I wear the same ones over and over. There are many I haven’t worn in years. Time to trim those down. I have so many toiletries, again, many handed down to me. Yes, people give me lotions and lipsticks (my mother who thinks I should wear lipstick 24hrs a day, and my friend who is obsessed with makeup and when she buys more she gives me some).

I tend to hold on to all of the lovely things that people gift to me, but I seriously don’t need it all. I should take a picture of my bathroom cabinet and post it for you to see, but I just can’t. It’s terrible. Time to trim it down. Those things (not the used lipsticks from my mom) can be donated to homeless shelters.

Well, it’s getting late. I’ll have to tell you about penguins next time. Tomorrow is my dear son’s birthday party. It’s a penguin theme. I’ve been busy with that. I’ll post pics later. Goodnight!

~There’s No Place Like Home



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