If you build it, they won’t play in it…

My little guy was bored the other day, so I put aside everything I needed to get done and decided to fill his bucket. (It’s something they learned at school. Filling someone’s bucket is doing something to make them happy and dipping in their bucket means that you are doing something that makes them unhappy. Incidentally, he’s been dipping in my bucket for the last half hour. OY! Is it bedtime yet?)

So, I gave him a few choices. I think they were:  play a game, build a tent or, ah, I forget. He decided to build a tent. So, we rearranged the living room and pulled out his Coleman tent. We used to let him have it up for long periods of time in his room until we bought his a massive bed. It’s a bunk bed set with a twin on top and a full sized bed on the bottom with stairs. That thing takes up most of his room. But it’s nice. The tent will no longer fit.

Then we put up his Buzz Lightyear tent in front of that tent because the Buzz tent has a front and back door. So, essentially, he can climb through the Buzz tent to get to the Coleman tent in the back.

Then, he decided we needed to extend it with some sheets. So, we did.

He filled each tent up with the things he loves. The back tent has his stuffed animals and pillows, so he can lay down and read and relax.

The Buzz tent had the books he wants to read and some toys. After all that work, he barely plays in it, but does not want me to take it down. I think I could write one of those popular books that are written by Laura Numeroff, about this. You know, the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, etc. Great books. This is how I feel about this tent scenario. If you build your child a tent…okay, maybe not. The tent will come down in a few days. Over an hour of work, and he barely used it. But, it filled his bucket. That’s my job!

~There’s No Place Like Home


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