I ripped my jeans. What do I do with them?

Ok, have you ever had an embarrassing moment when you had a tiny hole in your jeans, but then you bent the wrong way or you squatted down to pick something up from the floor and they ripped big time? I haven’t. I was just wondering. Haha!

Seriously though, it hasn’t happened to me in public. I did, however, rip a pair of jeans the other day in a place that just can’t be fixed. At least it happened when I was at home alone. No one to laugh at me but myself. And I did, believe me.

This led me to thinking of what I could do with these jeans. As I said before, this is not a ripped knee. That I wouldn’t worry about. People pay a lot for rips in the legs or knees of their jeans. Or they just rip them themselves. There are videos about how to do this. I know because the pictures in this blog post are from the internet. Did you think I was going to show you where I ripped my pants? Pshaw! Not happening.

They didn’t look like this. Or this…

Seriously? They didn’t look like this either, though this one is pretty funny…

Anyway, I was searching for some pictures to post in my blog, since we all love pictures, right? And I came across a video on how to distress your own jeans. I didn’t bother to watch any videos because I don’t seem to have any trouble distressing my jeans. Heehee!

I really wanted to find some purpose for them because they are otherwise in really good condition. So, I searched the internet and found some interesting ideas. There are so many, so I’m not going to link back to them because it’s late and I should be in bed already.

Here are a few ideas I liked. If you like them, you could just do an internet search and find directions, I’m sure. If only I could sew. Oh well!

One clever idea was to make a pocket magnet for your refrigerator. I liked this idea because I could put a pen and pencil in it since I can never seem to find one when I need one. I would think this would require a large piece of magnet. But I might just try that. If I do, I’ll post about it for sure.

Some other neat ideas that I might try one day are potholders (never have enough of those right? And I could probably make them without sewing. Either leave them frayed or use fusible web iron on stuff!), or a sleeve for those ubiquitous plastic grocery bags. I’m in need of one of these for sure. But I don’t sew. Maybe the fusible web would work for this, too. What do you think?

How about a hot or cold rice pack? Talk about frugal. Free jean legs and a bit of generic rice wouldn’t cost much. I bought one at a drug store for $20. Then I lost it. Yay me! NOT. So, I should try this idea.

You could also make a lunch bag, or use the material for a small bulletin board. I have a couple used, not so pretty bulletin boards I picked up cheap or free for my homeschool room. I might try to cover them. Or you can make placemats. The pocket can be sewed to one side and used to put a fork, knife, spoon and napkin inside. Hmmm…I may need to rip more jeans!

Of course, I saw lots of the usual ideas, like quilts and purses and backpacks. Have you repurposed any old jeans? If so, please feel free to comment and share your ideas. I’d love to hear about them. This would also be a great craft idea for kids. And it’s frugal! Enjoy!

~There’s No Place Like Home!




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