Venus transit!

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to a local observatory and view the Venus transit from several telescopes. It was very cool. Our little guy is a science enthusiast, so he was quite thrilled.

Tomorrow is my dear son’s last day of public school and then our homeschool journey begins! We’re both excited. He told me today that he doesn’t want to go to public school anymore. He wants to homeschool the whole way. This is great news to me, since just a few weeks ago he told me that we could homeschool for 2nd and 8th grade. Yeah, not sure what that was all about.

We’re going to begin homeschooling pretty much right away but in a limited capacity. We will begin daily Bible and character lessons. We will also work on a little penmanship review and then when I am satisfied that he is printing properly, we will  proceed with cursive handwriting. He’s very excited to learn that. And then I gave him the option to pick a topic to study over the summer. He chose the universe. Not shocking at all.

So, that’s our plan. What’s your plan?

~There’s No Place Like Home!

UPDATE:  Here are some pics from our adventure in SPACE!

For more pix, check out my junior scientist’s blog.

It was really fun!


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