A birdhouse/birdfeeder

I’ve been working on a project around here and after several interruptions, I’m finally done and thought I’d share it with you. I saw this idea on Pinterest (how did we live before Pinterest?), and traced it back to a blog called Crap I’ve Made. It’s really cute but I must give credit where credit is due. Thank you to Char for sharing this project and how to make it on her blog. I had to make a few adjustments to her method, but with a little trial and error, it’s done!

This is the finished product. Char, at Crap I’ve Made, shows her bird feeder hanging. In fact, she gives directions for how to do that on her blog. I am giving this as a gift and the person who will receive it wants to put it in her yard on a mailbox post. I think that will be perfect for her rural setting. This is a big mailbox folks! It’s 19″ long.

I won’t go step by step through the directions for how to hang this because that has already been done. I will, however, share a few tips I learned along the way. On Char’s blog, she has some kind of vinyl that she was able to print a bunch of circles on and punch out. She then used those circles to place on the mailbox before she painted it. I don’t have the computer program or the vinyl she has, so I had to improvise. Of course, you don’t HAVE to put polka dots on yours. It would definitely be easier not too, since most of the work was due to the dots. But, being a polka dot fanatic, I HAD to make it work.

So, I set off to the hardware store to purchase the mailbox, the paint, and something to use for dots. My brilliant husband came to my rescue! He suggested I use painter’s tape because it sticks but it’s easy to remove without leaving behind any sticky residue. So, we picked up a wide roll of that lovely blue tape and came home to get to work. I have circle punches so I figured it’d be easy peasy.

And it was. Once I figured out how to punch the circles out of the tape. I first attempted to just put the tape into my circle punch, but of course that didn’t work. The tape just got stuck in there and it was a mess. So, since painter’s tape is not super sticky, I tried folding a long piece of tape over on itself and then sliding it into my circle punch. THAT didn’t work because the tape did, in fact, stick to itself. So, I finally came up with the idea of putting pieces of tape onto waxed paper and then sliding that into my punch to punch the circles.

I was getting closer, but I still wasn’t quite there. The waxed paper slid in and out of the punch easily enough, but the punch sealed the tape to the waxed paper so well that I couldn’t easily get the waxed paper off. UGH. So, I decided to try crumpling the waxed paper and then putting the tape on it, so it would be easier to get the waxed paper off of the tape. Thankfully, that worked.

The next step was to punch a bajillion (yes, I made up a word) dots and then adhere them to the white mailbox.

Then it was time to put the dots on the mailbox and then paint. I think I got a little carried away with the dots. But, I can’t help it. I LOVE DOTS!!! Ok, I’ll try to tone it down a bit.

It’s looking good already! Now it’s time to paint it. I must confess, I am a messy person. I do not just paint the project, but anything within a 5 foot radius. I ended up with red spray paint on both hands and all over my garage. I just saw an idea to fix that. If I had just put the mailbox into a box and created a little painting booth, there would not have been so much overspray. Oh well, live and learn.

I was a bit worried that the tape would be difficult to remove once the spray paint had completely dried, but it wasn’t. The worst part of removing the dots is that I made SOOO many of them. But in my world, you just cannot have too many DOTS!

I should mention that it took two coats of spray paint to really cover the mailbox well, but it dries quickly so that was no big deal. I also want to point out that I purchased smaller, more inexpensive cabinet pulls for the bird perches. I really loved the stainless steel ones that Char @ Crap I’ve Made used, but I’m pretty cheap. Those handles were around $10 each. The white ones I used were a little over $2 each. So, all together, with the mailbox, the cabinet pulls, the spray paint and the painter’s tape, this project cost me around $35. Now, that doesn’t include the post. And you could certainly choose to hang it instead, or just set it on your porch rail.

How cute is that? And while this took me a couple of weeks, start to finish, it certainly doesn’t have to be that long of a process. I had a couple trips out of town and work, and procrastination to delay my progress. This was such a fun and easy project. I plan to make more in the future. They would make great gifts, and I’d like one for myself.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you look closely at Char’s bird feeder, you will see that she cut a piece of 2 x 4 to attach to the bottom to close the gap between the door and the bottom of the mailbox. I have plenty of scrap wood but I don’t have a power saw to cut it. So, I just left it for now. If you have any ideas of what I could use to keep the seed in the lid, just leave me a comment.

I hope you enjoyed this project. I know I did. And if you make one of your own, please come back and leave me a link so I can check it out. You don’t have to do polka dots. Get creative. Make it your own. If you have any artistic talent (I definitely don’t), you could hand paint it.

Once again, I’d like to say thank you to Char at Crap I’ve Made for the idea. And here’s a link to her mailbox:


That’s all for now. As always~There’s No Place Like Home!


2 thoughts on “A birdhouse/birdfeeder

  1. Thank you! Wish I could take credit, but I can’t. It DID inspire me to think creatively. So, maybe I’ll have a creative idea to post about soon!

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