Spinach in a smoothie???

You heard it right. I have seen tons of recipes on Pinterest for smoothies with spinach in them. Now, some of you may be grossed out by the idea of putting something green in a fruit smoothie. I’m with you. In fact, if the smoothie had come out green in color, I might have had to force myself to choke it down. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Pardon the large picture, but I wanted you to see the details. I was so excited to have all  the ingredients I needed to make this smoothie. I used vanilla low fat yogurt, fresh strawberries, frozen blackberries, and spinach.

I have to tell you that my 6 year old LOVED this smoothie. In fact, I made too much, so I froze some of it and he ate  it the next day frozen. I think I will be making this again tomorrow because I still have spinach that needs to be used up, and I have frozen strawberries and blackberries.

It came out a lovely purplish color and it was delicious! My son and I are always looking for new ways to make smoothies. What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Leave a comment, we’d love to try yours! If you try this one, let me know what you think. And as always~~There’s No Place Like Home!




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