Well, I ran out of fabric softener. So…

I decided to make my own. I had seen recipes for homemade everything on Pinterest, so I figured it was time to try it out. I have to tell you–I don’t have exact figures on the cost of this, however, I’m estimating it cost me around $1 per bottle. I got two bottles (I had been saving the empties for such a time as this) of homemade fabric softener out of one bottle of cheap conditioner.



Here’s what you need. A pot that will hold 6 cups of water. 6 cups of water (didn’t see that coming, did ya?), 3 cups of distilled white vinegar, and 2 cups of any scent, any brand conditioner. Pour 6 cups of hot water into the pot. Dump in 2 cups of conditioner and use a wire whisk to really mix it together well. Then dump in 3 cups of vinegar. Mix. Use a funnel to pour into your bottle. You use one  cap full in your laundry. Easy peasy!

Sorry, I don’t have any other pictures because I was home alone and didn’t have any extra hands to photograph me mixing and pouring, but you are smart. You can DO this!!

Incidentally, I washed my first load of laundry with it this morning and my laundry was soft and odor free. We live in a town with well water and it’s not too bad but it does tend to leave our laundry with a musty smell at times. So, overall I’m pretty happy with my $1 bottle of fabric softener. I used Sweet Pea scent by Sauve and would probably try something a little stronger next time. I like my laundry to be scented and this left very little smell, but hey, my laundry didn’t smell bad either and that’s a plus for us! That’s all for tonight. I have to get to bed because I am subbing for early childhood tomorrow. Little kids have way more energy than me. Goodnight and remember…

There’s No Place Like Home!


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